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Are you considering a career as a design professional?

Do you think you might want to be an architect or interior designer?

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In Nevada you can choose from three professional paths: architecture, interior design or residential design.

These professionals design the places where we live, work, learn and play. While we might want those places to look nice, it’s also important that they are functional and safe.

As a state agency, the board is charged with protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public. To do this, we make sure the people who want to design these spaces have the knowledge and skill to make sure those spaces are safe, functional, durable and sustainable.

Architects take the full spectrum of design services into account when developing a project. They create the overall design of a structure or interior space, making sure it is safe and functional, and meets all applicable requirements of law and building codes.

Registered interior designers provide design services within buildings to renovate or create new, safe and functional spaces. They prepare drawings and construction documents, manage projects, and specify furniture, fixtures and equipment that comply with codes and standards for the purpose of obtaining a building permit.

Residential designers are similar to architects, but they are limited to residential projects. They can design single-family homes of any size or multi-family homes up to two-stories high with no more than four units. Residential design is a profession unique to Nevada.

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Registered Interior Designers

Residential Designers

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